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Gentlemen's Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring & Ladies Jewelry

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Gentlemen's Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring & Ladies Jewelry

(Pictures 1,2,3)
I found this item at an event. I thought it was a diamond, and did research online: to find out it was not. What I wasn't able to discover was if the base was gold or not. Also, the stone measures 1.1 cm. Anyway, I'm not keeping it because I don't wear earrings but I do need money for school fees and supplies.

(Picture 4)
Men's Aldo stainless steel ring. $15

(Picture 5)
Ladies sterling silver (925) bracelet. $15

(Picture 6)
Ladies sterling silver (925) bracelet. $10

(Picture 7)
Ladies faux elegant bracelet. $5

(Picture 8)
Ladies chic Rachel Leigh bracelet. $20

You can come and pick this up. Thanks for your interest and time.

Price $55

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